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Chewy Almighty [userpic]
best way to sell comics
by Chewy Almighty (pzykomunky)
at December 12th, 2008 (11:44 pm)

i know that while theres tons of comics out there, there's usually only demand for a select few. i was wondering if anyone had recommendations for selling any comics (not based on demand).

i have all the young avengers issues plus the first trade, almost the whole Fables run, some assorted marvel titles, a bunch of Ghost Rider issues, X-Men 2099 issues, a lot of Jack of Fables issues, and some other stuff.

i'm not looking for top dollar obviously. i just have waaay too many comics and need to trim the collection down.


Oscar [userpic]
by Oscar (orpheus78)
at June 12th, 2008 (07:20 pm)

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Has anybody been reading the HOUSE OF MYSTERY relaunch? I really enjoyed the previous incarnation of the series(the one written by Steven Seagle), and was wondering how this new series is shaping up.

Edit: And is this series in the vein of the previous Vertigo series or in the vein of the old horror anthology series?

Iris [userpic]
Y "posters"
by Iris (sleepall_day)
at January 31st, 2008 (12:34 pm)

Hey everyone. I'm not sure if I could put into words how I felt about the final issue of Y the Last Man... but I did want to share something with you guys, since I don't know too many other people who know this comic at all. BKV himself says he likes Topher Grace for the part of Yorick, and who am I to argue with BKV, right? But, I couldn't really see it. DJ Caruso, the guy picked to supposedly direct the movie likes Shia LaBeouf. I actually really like Shia, but I'd really hate to see him play Yorick too.

So for the longest thing I thought that my perfect guy to play Yorick did not exist. But now I've changed my mind, and I made a few fake "posters" just for fun featuring my favorite pick for Yorick. And if you don't agree with me, then hey, at least it's not real:

Full sizes and inspirations HERE.

andy gallagher [userpic]
by andy gallagher (isaid)
at January 26th, 2008 (09:45 pm)


Green Eyed Monster [userpic]
John Constantine Wallpaper
by Green Eyed Monster (never_ender)
at January 25th, 2008 (02:01 pm)

I made this wallpaper for myself, and now I can't stop staring at my desktop, and I really wanted to share it somewhere. And since the hellblazer ccommunity hasn't been posted to in months, I thought some of the members here might appreciate it? If it's not allowed then by all means delete the post :)


Blake Petit -- Novelist, actor, man of humility [userpic]
Help me pick the best comics of 2007!
by Blake Petit -- Novelist, actor, man of humility (blakemp)
at December 20th, 2007 (06:50 pm)

Just spreading the word, peeps. It's time for the 2007 Everything But Imaginary Awards, that time of year that I invite people to share their thoughts on the best comic books of the year. From now until Christmas Day, December 25, I will be accepting nominees in each of the following categories. Each voter can make three nominations, ranked #1, #2 and #3. All #1s will get three points, #2s 2 points and #3s one point. Then, on December 27, I’ll announce the “ballot,” with the top three vote-getters in each category being the finalists. The winners will be announced in the first EBI of the New Year on January 2nd. For example, if you think the three best Superhero comics are:

1. Captain Dudesicle
2. Dudeman and the Justice Revengers
3. Dudegirl (Don’t Ask)

Then “Captain Dudesicle” will get three points, “Dudeman” two points and “Dudegirl” one point towards becoming a finalist. Now I must ask, do not post your votes here in the thread. You can send them to me via private message or e-mail them to Blake@comixtreme.com with the subject line “EBI Awards.” And please be sure to read the rules at the end before you cast your ballot.


zarajane [userpic]
Y the last man #60...
by zarajane (zarajane)
at October 24th, 2007 (04:45 pm)

The cover art of the last issue is so whack... I am almost afraid to find out what it means.

ACToplasm [userpic]
eBay Comics Auction
by ACToplasm (actoplasm)
at September 10th, 2007 (09:34 am)

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For those interested, I've listed a bunch of comics for auction on eBay, including Y Last Man, Fables, Neverwhere, and a whole bunch of Vertigo titles; here's the link:


If you have any questions, let me know.

rasta mouse [userpic]
by rasta mouse (nondisbeliever)
at September 2nd, 2007 (02:39 pm)

[Liberally x-posted]


For collaboration on a potentially long-term project.

Science fiction and intrigue themed, intended for mature audiences and fans of:

The Matrix
100 Bullets
Ex Machina
Philip K Dick

Please send an example of your work to comic [at] everybodydancenow [dot] net


Anastasia [userpic]
Movie... first entry
by Anastasia (notoriousreign)
at September 1st, 2007 (05:30 pm)

Hi, everyone. I've recently gotten myself into Y The Last Man and I've loved Stardust for a long while now. 
Can somebody explain this to me? I obviously didn't get any memo. xD 


I don't have IMDBpro, so if anyone wants to help me out... if there's any info on this movie, can someone tell me? Thanks in advance! 

And who do you think should play who? ^_^